LAN isolator

The Medical LAN Isolator MLI-1000 is the solution for a serious problem in cable supported IT networks and network segments within medical safety areas. It is the missing link in the chain of necessary insulating measures when using modern data networks in medical areas. 

All IT devices that are interconnected by Ethernet cable, show a direct electrical connection with all other IT devices within the network structure. This connection is established by the shielding of the network cable. For a safe operation of IT devices within the medical safety area, it is, additionally to the usage of medical IMED isolating transformers, necessary, to isolate the fast Ethernet or gigabit Ethernet network connections galvanically from the other network by the use of a Medical LAN Isolator MLI-1000. This is particularly required if the IT devices within a medical electrical system are additionally connected to medical electrical devices.

Product Article No Power Secondary Current Weight IP stock
MLI-1000 9-059-190180 0,1 kg