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230 / 24 VDC, 25-100W

Single-phase DC power supply with RC filter and secondary voltage 12VDC. Max. residual ripple approx. 5%. Designed and tested according to norm EN61558-2-6. Separate insulated windings moulded in self-extinguishing polyurethane and capsulated in plastic, IP44. Insulation class II. Protected against short circuit and overload with glass tube fuse, and protected against unusually high operation temperature with thermal "cut-out". Compact design. Separate windings and built in fuse ensures safe operation. For fixed installation, simple and easy assembly on wall or ceiling. DC power supply designed for PLC, electronic control cards and other electronics requiring DC voltage with maximum 5% residual ripple.

Product Article No Power Secondary Current Weight IP stock
LFRC66B2024-GS 3-192-100101 25 W 1,0 A 1,0 kg IP44
LFRC84B2024-GS 3-192-000006 50 W 2,0 A 1,5 kg IP44
LFRC96C2024-GS 3-192-100400 75 W 3,2 A 2,5 kg IP44