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0-200-210-220-230-240 V

Open single-phase autotransformer designed and tested according to EN61558-2-13, protected against dust, humidity and corrosion through complete resin impregnation. Insulation class I. Compact design, fixed installation, simple and easy mounting in cabinets, switchboards, panels or installation directly on engine/equipment.

Even though the transformer is protected against involuntary contact with live parts it has to be mounted in cover. Special designed metal plate covers (SUK) can be supplied.


Autotransformers are not able to eliminate earth faults, all earth fault problems will be propagated through the transformer, resulting in a considerable risk to safety. The use of autotransformers is therefore not permitted in ships and medical installations. Custom designed models on request.

Product Article No Power Secondary Current Weight IP stock
SU84B-96 4-058-100096 600 VA 1,9 kg IP00
SU96C-97 4-058-100097 1300 VA 3,5 kg IP00
SU120B-98 4-058-100098 2400 VA 5,1 kg IP00