isolating / control transformer - ul-approved, IPXXB

isolating / control transformer - ul-approved, IPXXB

Open single-phase isolating-/control-transformer - UL-approved.

Separate insulated windings and protected against dust, humidity and corrosion through complete impregnation in heat tempered varnish. Produced according to DNV, Lloyds register of shipping and Bureau Veritas regulations which include 45°C ambient temperature. Compact design, fixed installation, easy mounting in cabinets or switchboards. Even though the transformer is protected against involuntary contact with live parts it has to be mounted in cover. Special designed metal plate covers (SUK) on request.

The transformer must be protected against overload and short circuit in the installation.

  Datasheet standardmodels

230-400±15 / 2x115 V
400-460±20 / 2x115 V
500-575±25 / 2x115 V