encapsulated autotransformer, IP44

encapsulated autotransformer, IP44

Single-phase autotransformer, designed and tested according to EN61558-2-13. Insulated windings moulded in self extinguishing Polyurethane and capsulated in plastic. Short circuit protected with glass tube fuse and overload protected with "cut out" fuse.
Portable autotransformer for changing system voltage from 400 to 230 Volts, 230 to 110 Volts or vice versa. Supplied with a large number of tappings/ adjustments for several stages desired.  
Custom designed models on request.

Autotransformers are not able to eliminate earth faults, all earth fault problems will be propagated through the transformer, resulting in a considerable risk to safety. The use of autotransformers is therefore not permitted in ships and medical installations. 

  Datasheet standardmodels

0-110-127-225-235 V
0-225-235-400 V