Low Loss Transformers, IP66

Low Loss Transformers, IP66

Groundbreaking new transformer design!!

High efficiency transformers with very low inrush current

Special 3-phase transformer design which ensures optimal utilization of the electric installation, and provide extensive savings concerning installation and running costs

The 3RT-LI transformers have, in addition to no inrush current, extremely low losses and reduced footprint in relation to our standard 3-phase transformers. 

  • Optimum utilization of the installation – Low inrush current!
  • Cost effective – Lower installation costs & lower running costs
  • Environmentally friendly – "Low loss" construction
  • Space saving – Compact footprint
  • Transformer design – No electronic components
  • 230/400 or 400/230 Volt
  • Degree of protection - IP66

3x230 / 400 V