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1-Phase vario isolating IP20

Single-phase vario isolating transformers, IP20

Single-phase vario isolating transformers, IP20

Capsulated single-phase Vario® transformer designed and tested according to norm EN1558-2-14. Designed as a torodial isolating transformer with separate insulated windings for use in laboratories. Degree of protection IP20. The Noratel Vario® transformer is an optimal solution when continuous control of voltage and current is preferable. The construction ensures a clean sine voltage and no radio interference or additional harmonics are generated. Portable design can be supplied with wheels. Measuring equipment according to customer specifications. Standard types supplied with Amperemeter and Voltmeter. Designed for continuous adjustment of alternating voltage and currents, where of safety reasons a isolating transformer with separate windings is required. In addition to standard types, Vario® variable transformers are supplied strictly on customer request.

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230 / 0-300 V