Noratel has become a member of APQP4Wind!

Noratel is a leading supplier of transformers and reactors to the global wind industry. Although the APQP4Wind methodology was integrated into Noratel's ISO 9001 quality system several years back, it is a great pleasure to finally become a member of APQP4Wind.

“We already have industry leading experts and management that are trained and certified by APQP4Wind, so this new company membership marks a great day for our global Noratel team!”

Per Forsell - Group Quality and Environmental Manager

APQP4Wind is a common quality assurance methodology for the global wind industry and ensures reduced risk and prevents cost of poor quality. Noratel has always had a key focus on continuous quality improvements across its engineering and manufacturing units globally.

“High quality and reliability have been key selling points for Noratel since day one.We now look forward to engage with industry friends and colleagues in the APQP4Wind community.”

Pål Gulbrandsen - European Sales Manager

About APQP4Wind:

APQP4Wind is a non-profit organization founded by world-leading wind turbine manufacturers and suppliers. The background for APQP4Wind is the continuous quality improvement that is needed to keep pace with the ongoing trend towards decreases in the levelized cost of energy within the wind industry.
APQP is a well-known concept within the automotive industry and has been the backbone for maturing quality performance at manufacturers and suppliers for decades. In the context of APQP4Wind, the concept of APQP is adapted to the business areas and special conditions differentiating wind from automotive.

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About Noratel:

Noratel was founded in 1925. We are today servicing industry worldwide as a leading global provider, proud to offer the most comprehensive range of transformers, reactors and power supplies. The major part of Noratel production is dedicated to custom design and manufacturing to meet the requirements of OEM customers. Noratel employs 2000+ people worldwide. Excellent financial results has consecutively been achieved over many years. Corporate headquarters is based in Hokksund, Norway.

Noratel is a part of discoverIE Group Plc. The Group is listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange and is a member of the FTSE Small Cap Index, classified within the Electrical Components and Equipment subsector, and has revenue of over £400m.

Noratel is strategically located in key regions throughout the world, including in-house manufacturing in: • China • Sri Lanka • India • USA • Canada • Mexico • Poland • Germany • Nordic countries.

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