New energy efficiency legislation for transformers

From July 1st 2015, new legislation comes into force requiring that all new 3-phase transformers for sale into the EU meet minimum energy efficiency requirements.

This legislation forms part of the “ECO-Design” directive and is step towards reducing transformer losses as energy related products in the EU. This legislation is a two tier requirement with efficiency level restrictions starting at “Tier 1” in July 2015, and requirements becoming more stringent in “Tier 2” which comes into force in 2021. The energy saving in the EU 28 countries through this directive has been estimated to be approximately 16.2 TWh per year in 2025, which corresponds to a reduction of 3.7 Mt of CO2 emissions!

Noratel are committed to improving energy efficiency and the prospect of greener planet and have taken steps to ensure our products are compliant with the “ECO-Design” directive as it applies to transformers. Noratel can design and supply any transformer fully compliant with the ECO Directive under Regulation No 548/2014, for both “Tier 1” and “Tier 2” and beyond. Our sales departments across the globe will be delighted to discuss your requirements and offer solutions that will play their role in Europe’s energy efficient future.

Download the "ECO introduction" document or more information: