Groundbreaking new transformer design!

Today’s ever increasing demand for energy efficiency requires transformers that not only utilise the most efficient materials available, but also embody the optimum in transformer design. In order to meet this demand whilst retaining cost effectiveness, Noratel AS developed our new 3RT-LI range of very low loss, low profile 3-phase isolating transformers.

Optimising efficiency in transformer performance calls for low loss, low reluctance magnetic design, a feature which normally goes hand in hand with high inrush currents and switch-on surges, making such a transformer difficult to switch on and control.

Traditional solutions to this problem rely on current inrush suppression components or circuits in series with the primary winding of the transformer, such components and circuits can become a weak point in systems where reliability is paramount.

The Noratel 3RT-LI range of transformers do not rely on such protective components but instead have very low inrush current capability “built-in” to the design. This results in a transformer that offers outstanding efficiency combined with ease of switch-on and control which maximises reliability and minimises the transformer’s impact on sensitive power systems and protective circuitry.

The 3RT-LI range of transformers can start up without issues on standard Type C characteristic MCBs which makes the 3RT-LI range not only cheap to install, but such low inrush makes it the first choice in UPS and semiconductor driven power systems also.

  • Ground-breaking new transformer design! 
    - Optimised losses for todays “Green” environment combined with very low inrush current and switch-on surges
  • Low cost installation and protection
    - No need to upgrade system protection and switchgear ratings higher than standard Type C components.
    - Reducing costs in new system build requirements and eliminating additional costs in retrofits
  • Low loss design with full galvanic isolation - Reduces energy consumption whilst still providing full isolation
  • Modern low profile construction - Space saving enclosure with very small footprint and installation space required 
  • Cost effective - Lower installation and running costs
  • Flexible and Environmentally Friendly
    - Available in standard ranges as well as custom versions to suit your ECO Friendly application
  • Link to available standardmodels



Noratel 3RT-LI - 16KVA