Renewable Sector

Noratel products are at the forefront of the global drive towards renewable energy. Our wound components are relied on in many Green Energy applications throughout the world.

With particular expertise in solar and wind power, Noratel provide the renewable energy industry with component solutions that range from controlling the pitch of the blades on wind turbines, to high efficiency transformers, reactors and filters for cutting edge power converters where reliability in the most demanding environments is crucial in both the wind, tidal and solar industries.

Our knowledge in the renewable sector has enabled Noratel to develop many solutions for today’s demanding applications, projects which call for low losses and high efficiency combined with high energy densities and compact size. These often conflicting requirements call for designs that utilize today’s state of the art materials and topologies.

Our designs range from the simplest dry type reactors to complex bespoke liquid cooled solutions, all meeting strict environmental demands for corrosion protection, vibration stability, and long lifetime and all are fully tested under strict controlled conditions.


Noratel Dry and liquid cooled Renewable solutions include:


  • Reactors for many different filter applications one example being LCL filters
  • Line reactors
  • DC reactors
  • Output reactors
  • Starting reactors
  • Any OEM design from customer specifications


  • Dry transformers
  • Isolation transformers
  • Control transformers
  • Any OEM design from customer specifications

Our liquid cooled products offer a direct or indirect liquid cooling technology which provide an economical space saving solution. Other liquid cooled products include AF (Air force) WF (Water force) solutions for the larger application.


Noratel is a member of APQP4Wind

APQP4Wind is a non-profit organization founded by world-leading wind turbine manufacturers and suppliers. The background for APQP4Wind is the continuous quality improvement that is needed to keep pace with the ongoing trend towards decreases in the levelized cost of energy within the wind industry.

APQP is a well-known concept within the automotive industry and has been the backbone for maturing quality performance at manufacturers and suppliers for decades. In the context of APQP4Wind, the concept of APQP is adapted to the business areas and special conditions differentiating wind from automotive.

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