Motor drives

Noratel has engaged in the motor drive industry for most of its history, projects that range from small drive units that use toroidal chokes to large industrial motor drives and frequency converters, utilising our bespoke single and three phase design technology.

Noratel has a wealth of knowledge in this sector, supplying many of the leading industry drive manufacturers, who expect only the highest quality and reliability.

You will find Noratel products in many leading drive applications across the world; applications including Photovoltaic energy systems used for turning solar panels, Wind turbine industry for turning blade pitch, lift and elevators, robotics, refrigeration and HVAC, to name only a few.

Our continuous R&D in the drives sector allows Noratel to remain the market leader in providing the most efficient solutions for drive applications.

Motor Drives

Our range of products for drive applications include the following:

  • DC Link chokes
  • AC output chokes
  • AC line chokes
  • Current transformers
  • Control transformers and associated equipment.