Medical Sector

Noratel medical isolation products are used in partnership with other electrical products and systems that are required to meet the demands of the Medical Device Directive.

Noratel design and manufacture a range of products that offer such high levels of safety and reliability.

For many years Noratel has been a well-established manufacturer of built-in transformers for medical devices. In 2001 Noratel Germany AG started with engineering, manufacturing and sales of the IMED® device series.

They are indispensable tools which meet the safety requirements of the medical devices directive (MDD) and the corresponding device and system standards (EN60601-1) amongst other applicable standards.

What initially started with a few units per year, quickly evolved into a standard program with more than 20 different models and accessories. Furthermore custom designed models are developed and produced in major volumes. Today Noratel is one of the leading manufacturers of medical isolation transformers, power supplies and accessories in Europe. Our extensive product range of the IMED® series offers solutions for almost all applications when it comes to the configuration of medical electrical systems.

We supply medical isolation transformers in a power range from 150 VA to 3500 VA as well as earth leakage guards ELG and network isolators MLI, thus Noratel covers all electrical safety requirements from one direct source.

To complement our medical product portfolio, Noratel also offer IT (isolated terra) power supplies for medical theaters, called IMED Secure®.

IMED Secure® power supplies have been designed for the supply of class II medical rooms and facilities such as operating theatres or surgeries.


It is an intelligent system for safe and reliable IT (Isolated Terra) power supply and is compliant to the standard for medical power supplies of class II rooms (VDE0100 – part 710).

Today Noratel has developed into a well-known worldwide supplier with a high level of competence in R&D and certification.

We are proud to offer a huge standard program of medical power supplies and accessories which is almost unrivalled on the market.