E-mobility and charging

Noratel has over 90 years of experience in producing power conversion, seeing E-Mobility as a cornerstone of 21st century vehicle development.

We have the capability of providing high quality engineering, testing and manufacturing services, ensuring optimised transformers for
E-Mobility charging infrastructure.

Usage of electrical vehicles (EV) with electric-powered drivetrains is expected to continue rapid growth in the coming decade.

Noratel is as a global manufacturer in position to consult and support customers as a strategic manufacturing partner.

Noratel work with leading providers of E-Mobility charging solutions, optimising and manufacturing transformers for charging of full EVs,
as well as hybrid EVs.

Noratel serve customers within the following

EV-Charging segments

  • Home charge
  • Business charge
  • Car park charge
  • eBus charge
  • Public charge
  • Industrial charge - heavy duty vehicles such as mining trucks, off-road vehicles, etc.
  • Marine charge - hybrid and electric vessels

Noratel will work with you to provide state-of-the-art services meeting the most demanding EV-Charging specifications and standards,
all at competitive prices with on-time deliveries.