Our history

1925 - 1935
"The Early years"

1925 - The beginning of “Noratel”
Captain F.M. Bugge and Engineer J. Marmann Aas found Norsk Radio Tele & Telefon at Lysaker, Norway. Production is concentrated around radio communication equipment for ships; such as transmitters, receivers and direction finding equipment. Some amateur radio equipment is also produced.

1935 - 1975
"Finding our way"

1935 - Relocation to central Oslo - name is changed to Noratel Radioindustri
Main production is now public address (PA) systems, transformers, reactors, table radios, measuring instruments and laboratory- and educational equipment

1939-1956 - Production is mainly concentrated around educational equipment for chemistry, physics and electro-technical subjects

1956 - Production of radio and radio equipment is ceased; from now on production is concentrated around dry insulated transformers and reactors. Changes its name to “Noratel” (deviated from Norsk Radio Tele & Telefon)

1968 - Relocation to new premises in Hokksund. The company is completely reconstructed. 

1975 - 1985
“Repositioning in Norway”

Major overhaul of the company and its product portfolio; focus on R&D, series production, standardization of products and product ranges. During these years a solid fundament for the company is built upon standard ranges of safety isolating transformers, control transformers and halogen lighting transformers.

The hard work pays of - in 1985 Noratel is the market leader on dry insulated transformers in Norway!

1985 - 2000
“Strategic growth in Scandinavia”

1986 – Export cooperation with the Danish transformer company Lübcke (est. 1928)

1989 – Export to Sweden, cooperation with Swedish agent

1991 – Acquisition of Lübcke A/S in Denmark

1993 – Acquisition of the Swedish transformer company Elsund AB (est. 1923) Establish the production company Dansel in Poland

1994 – Establishing business in Finland by acquisition of Transformatic Oy (est. 1974)

1996 – Acquisition of ABB ESI National Transformer in Norway

1999 – Acquisition of toroidal transformer company Ulveco Hamar AS in Norway

2000 - 2005
“Becoming a European player”

2001 – Establishing business in Germany, acquisition of ADC Electronics

2002 – Establishing sales office in the Netherlands; Noratel Nederland

2004 – Noratel, privately own for almost 80 years, is purchased by a Norwegian Investment fund, allowing Noratel to further expand its global position within the transformer industry.

“Going Global”

2005 – Acquisition of Toroid AB in Sweden.
With the Acquisition of Toroid AB, a major toroidal transformer manufacturer, Noratel gain access to modern production facilities in Sri Lanka and India. The former Toroid sales offices in England, Spain, Germany and Sweden are incorporated in the Noratel Group.

2007 – Establish two production facilities in China

2007 – Acquisition of Garre Transformere AS in Denmark

2010 – Acquisition of Ulveco AS in Denmark

2012 – Establish sales office in USA

2012 – Acquisition of Power Engineering Industries (PEI) in USA

2014 – Noratel Group is sold to Acal plc(now DiscoverIE Group plc)

2016 - Acquisition of Plitron Manufacturing Inc with headquarter in Toronto, Canada

2019Acquisition of Hobart Electronics with headquarter in Hobart, Indiana, USA