How long have you worked in Noratel?

I've been here for 18 years.

What are your daily duties and why did you decide to work for Noratel?

Honestly speaking I heard about the opportunity to work here by accident. My cousin and I were looking for a job at the same time. Then I found a job advertisement where Noratel were looking for new employees. I applied, were hired and then started working as a transformer cores fitter. As I was transferred through production halls, I now know all machines at Noratel Poland factory. It was worth it! Finally, I got a great chance and promotion. I’m currently working as a production leader.

What motivates you to work?

On the one hand, that everything goes well, on the other hand, succeeding with challenges if something needs to be improved.

How has the company changed over the years since you were hired?

The company changed a lot, in a positive way of course. The number of employees almost tripled and the company site expanded. We started out with one production hall, now we have five and two warehouses. Moreover, the quality of social facilities was improved.

Is there an opportunity for personal development whilst working in production team at Noratel?

I haven’t had education in production but took part in training programs provided by Noratel. That enables me to retain many eligibilities, including certifications for operating stackers, travelling cranes or cranes. I am currently participating in a comprehensive one-year management training program.

What works in favor of Noratel Poland?

For sure – the location, you can easily get here by bike, you are never stuck in traffic jams. We also have stability of employment. There is also a great atmosphere at Noratel and we have a real opportunity to influence it. Secondly, there is a very good coffee vending machine! Last year my daughter and I got a Christmas gift from my company. She enjoyed it very much!

Noratel Production

Marcin Tymosz


Noratel Sp. Z o. o.

Production Leader

Dobra Szczecinska, Poland