How long have you worked for Noratel?

From 2016-11-21

Why did you choose to work for Noratel?

I do not like to work in the garment factories (compared to other factories). Prefer and like to utilise my knowledge of the technology, as well as having an opportunity to learn new skills. I like the working knowledge in Noratel. Shift works also make it easier for me in my personal life.

What are your responsibilities at Noratel?

  • My responsibility is to produce Transformers with
    the right quality without any defects
  • I contribute at a maximum level to meet line goals 
  • I align in accordance with the rules and regulations, complying with the strict safety standards of Noratel.

Why do you enjoy working at Noratel in Sri Lanka?

  • Friendly working environment
  • The company treats everyone equally and extend
    good support to me personally
  • Line members are working together like a team
  • Healthy working environment
  • Work tasks are not monotonous as there is a
    huge complexity in the order pattern.

What motivates you at work?

  • Better perks
  • Satisfactory production incentives scheme where I can
    earn line productivity and individual productivity bonus,
    also based on my efficiency
  • Further rewards for achieving line goals,
    appreciations etc.

How can you as a professional develop at Noratel?

  • Improved English knowledge as we need to read and understand specifications and other relevant documents
    in our day to day work
  • Enhance electrical knowledge through the different trainings given by the company.

Any great/fun social/sports activities organised with Noratel team that you would like to mention?

Yes, company’s sports day and Annual get together where we enjoy a lot. Participted different fun games, dancing and had lot of fun with my friends.

Noratel Production

S. Tharika Nadeeshani Fernando

24 years

Transformer winder

Ordinary Level  and  Advanced Level