How did your internship program with Noratel in China give you an overview of Noratel as an organisation and insight into our corporate cultur?

The program showed me a multicultural and international organisation that constantly wanted to improve their competitiveness as well as being cost efficient. Another intern and I worked in the Foshan office, in China, and collaborated with multiple managers to complete our projects. Valuable experience!

What type of work did you do and why did you choose to complete an internship at Noratel? Any specific projects?

Noratel gave me the freedom to come up with projects that benefitted both me as an individual and Noratel as an organisation. The main project was within Lean Thinking (management) and Lean Production, where one of the objects was to identify the seven wastes for the different production lines. Other projects were within finance and human resources.

What key learnings did you take with you from the internship at Noratel?

Confidence and motivation to perform in the workplace, as well as presenting results based on thorough studies and collaboration in a team.

Any fun social activities you would like to mention during your internship at Noratel?

We had fun and instructive Lean games during work to show how valuable it can be to think Lean. Furthermore, we got invited for dinner and lunch during our stay. Food is always a great way to socialise!

What is your advice to students applying for internships?

Do it, it's a win-win situation! Can't stress enough how valuable of an experience it is.

Any final words of advice for students considering an internship with Noratel?

You will work in an organisation that has a good growth and Noratel wants to continue that trend. As an intern you will experience that first-hand, where you contribute to positive growth. Again, it's a win-win situation!

Noratel Intern

Anders Rullestad


Master of Science degree in Industrial
Economics & Technology Management
University of Agder - Norway (2019 Graduate)

Student Intern - 4-month program at Foshan Noratel (2018)

Foshan City, China