How long have you worked for Noratel?

I started working at Noratel March 1st, 2019.

Why did you choose to work for Noratel?

Accepting the job offer at Noratel was an easy decision for me. After in-person interviews, meeting the management team and most importantly learning the company’s core values of honesty and integrity were closely aligned with my own, I knew it was the right company and I would be a good fit. Working for Noratel has been one of my greatest experiences. The trustworthiness, employee loyalty and the mutual respect amongst all levels of the organization is a constant reminder why I work at Noratel.

What are your responsibilities at Noratel?

I am a hands-on Financial Controller for Noratel, responsible for all the accounting operations, internal controls, forecasting, payroll and human resource function, etc. I am involved with the day-to day activities working closely with operations and assisting in all areas of the business.

Why do you enjoy working at Noratel in California?

Noratel strives to be the best for the benefit of their customer. Noratel Power Engineering’s collaboration and contribution amongst the group companies, the hard work and dedication is a huge contribution towards its success. At Noratel everyone has a voice and is heard. Having a great team of talented individuals to work so closely with is one of the many reasons I enjoy coming to work every day.

What motivates you at work?

I am motivated everyday knowing that my team works towards exceeding customer expectations and by the innovative R&D in designing and manufacturing leading-edge products for our customers. I like challenging myself and enhancing my knowledge by attempting new things that I would have not done on my own. Doing meaningful work for the company and our customers is the most important motivator to me.

How can you as a professional develop at Noratel?

Noratel’s future growth potential and global footprint brings endless opportunities. I plan on expanding my scope, look for informal and formal learning opportunities, being open to new ideas and taking additional responsibilities within the group as needed.

Any great/fun social/sports activities organised with Noratel team that you would like to mention?

Employee morale is on the rise in Carson. We have monthly Spirit Day Themes where many employees participate in the fun by dressing according to the theme; sports day, specific sports team day, holiday colours, etc. Noratel hosts monthly employee birthday recognitions by providing a cake celebration to the team recognizing all the birthdays in the month. These activities have made a positive impact on our employees and more fun is planned for the coming year.

Noratel Production

Leea Ramirez


Noratel Power Engineering

Financial Controller

Los Angeles County, California, USA