230 / 2x30 V

Single-phase toroidal transformers, power range from 20 to 300VA. Designed and tested according to EN61558. Suitable for installation in electronically equipment. Designed as a safety isolating transformer with separate insulated windings and prepared for class II equipment. Short circuit and overload protected with thermal fuse on primary side. Up to 50% less weight than a similar conventional transformer. Low magnetisation currents and no-load losses. Suitable as safety isolating transformer in constructions where low weight, flexible dimensions and optimum conditions between dimensions are preferable.

Product Article No Power Secondary Current Weight IP stock
RT080-2030 4-115-108230 80 VA 2x1,33 A 0,9 kg IP00
RT120-2030 4-115-112230 120 VA 2x2,0 A 1,4 kg IP00
RT160-2030 4-115-116230 160 VA 2x2,67 A 1,8 kg IP00
RT250-2030 4-115-125230 250 VA 2x4,17 A 2,3 kg IP00