230-250 / 32 V

Single-phase short circuit proof safety isolating transformer designed and tested according to norm EN61558-2-6. Separate insulated windings moulded in self extinguishing Polyurethane. Short circuit protected with glass tube fuse and protected against unusually high operation temperature with thermal "cut-out". For fixed installation, simple and easy mounting on wall or ceiling. Variable secondary output by using the 230 or 250 Volt primary terminals. Designed for SELV installation which require safety isolating transformer approved according to the CE directives. Typical alarm equipment, automation, floor heaters etc., can also be used in halogen lighting installations.

Product Article No Power Secondary Current Weight IP stock
LF78A-22032-GS 3-052-078032 75 VA 2,3 A 1,4 kg IP44
LF84B-22032-GS 3-052-084532 150 VA 4,6 A 2,4 IP44
LF96C-22032-GS 3-052-096532 260 VA 8,1 A 4,2 kg IP44
LF120C-22032-GS 3-052-120032 500 VA 15,6 A 8,0 kg IP44
LF150C-22032-GS 3-052-150530 1000 VA 31,0 A 14,8 kg IP44
LF150CH-22032-GS 3-052-150830 1200 VA 37,5 A 14.8 kg IP44