230 / 24 V (2x24 V)

Single-phase short circuit proof safety isolating transformer. Designed and tested according to norm EN61558-2-6. Separate insulated windings moulded in self-extinguishing Polyurethane and capsulated in plastic. Insulation class II, double isolated. Approved according to CE directives. Short circuit proof and protected against overload with Miniature circuit breaker concerning primary terminals. Also built-in thermal fuse. Easy to carry and compact design.

Product Article No Power Secondary Current Weight IP stock
KLM140-24 4-120-140024 140 VA 2,3 kg IP44
KLM150-24/24 4-120-500150 150 VA 2,3 kg IP44
KLM350-24 4-120-350024 350 VA 4,2 kg IP44
KLM630-24/24 4-120-630024 630 VA 8,4 kg IP44