230 / 230 V

Specially designed single-phase perturbation attenuation isolating transformers with high transient suppression and low noise level. Designed and tested according to EN61558-2-19. LF-ISO models are electrostatically shielded and have output filters which protect systems from unwanted "noise" and high frequency voltages that can occur due to switching and loading on distribution lines. Protected against overload with built-in miniature circuit breaker. Moulded in self-extinguishing Polyurethane and capsulated in plastic. Easy installation. Designed to protect equipment that requires a low-noise voltage free of transients in order to work without problems e.g.: computer equipment, telephone-exchanges, audio-equipment and other sensitive electronic equipment.

Product Article No Power Secondary Current Weight IP stock
LF230-ISO 3-230-500012 230 V 1,0 A 8,0 kg IP40
LF460-ISO 3-230-500015 460 VA 2,0 A 8,0 kg IP40
LF690-ISO 3-230-500040 690 VA 3,0 A 15,0 kg IP40