SDT 2300

Transient suppression transformers

SDT 2300
CLII isolate ce


Specially designed single-phase isolating transformers with high transient suppression and low noise level. Designed and tested according to norm EN61558-2-19.
SDT transformers are electrostatically shielded and have output filters which protect systems from unwanted "noise" and high frequency voltages that can occur due to switching and loading on distribution lines. 
Designed to protect equipment that requires a low-noise voltage in order to work without problems e.g.: computer equipment, telephone-exchanges and audio equipment.


Technical Specifications
SDT 2300
47 - 63 Hz
230 V
230 V
10 A
2300 VA
270 mm
440 mm
180 mm
36 kg
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Products in this category
Type Article No Power Secondary Current Weight IP stock
SDT 1000 5-239-000007 1000 VA 4,3 A 22 kg IP23
SDT 1500 5-239-000006 1500 VA 6,5 A 29 kg IP23
SDT 2300 5-239-000005 2300 VA 10 A 36 kg IP23