Miniprint 6/K

Safety isolating transformers

Miniprint 6/K


Transformer for 12V lighting installations. Designed and tested according to norm EN61558-2-6. Plastic capsulated. Insulation class II, double isolated. Short circuit proofs and protected against overload with built in PTC fuse. Variable output voltage - high and low. Compact design and easy mounting. Fixed installation, can also to be mounted on walls. Supplied with 2m primary cables with plug for 230V. Can be controlled with a dimmer designed for inductive transformer loads. Transformer for 12V lighting installations. The compact design of the HaloPower Mini makes it useful in furnishing industry and housing- and kitchen cabinets. Up to 6 pairs of output terminals with additional printcard.



Additional printcard for Halopower Mini

Technical Specifications
Miniprint 6/K
50 Hz
230 V
6 x 10 W / 6 x 20 W
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