Isolating transformers

CLII isolateP ce


Single-phase short circuit proof isolating transformers designed and tested according to EN61558-2-4. Separate insulated windings moulded in self-extinguishing Polyurethane and capsulated in plastic. This protect the transformer against hostile environment such as dust, humidity and corrosion. Short circuit proof with glass tube fuse on the secondary side, and also protection against extremely high temperatures with built in thermal fuse on the primary side. Supplied with 2 meters Euronet-cable, plug. Compact design, fixed installation.
Galvanic partition between the primary and secondary side protects installations and equipment by generating "a new system" in which any earth faults are eliminated.


Technical Specifications
47 - 63 Hz
230 - 250 V
230 V
1,1 A
260 VA
106 mm
205 mm
98 mm
4,2 kg
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Products in this category
Type Article No Power Secondary Current Weight IP stock
LF78A-22230-GY 3-054-078731 60 VA 0,3 A 1,4 kg IP43
LF84B-22230-GY 3-054-084731 150 VA 0,7 A 2,5 kg IP43
LF96C-22230-GY 3-054-096931 260 VA 1,1 A 4,2 kg IP43
LF120C-22230-GY 3-054-120931 500 VA 2,2 A 8,0 kg IP43
LF150C-22230-GY 3-054-150931 1000 VA 4,3 A 15 kg IP43