3-phase transformers



Capsulated three-phase non short circuit proof transformer with power range up to 630 kVA. Standard types supplied with separate primary and secondary windings. This generates "a new system" in which any earth faults are eliminated. Steel plate enclosure, degree of protection IP23.This is an ideal design for transforming voltage up or down or for installations which require a galvanic partition between the primary and secondary voltage. Protects installations and equipment by generating "a new system" in which any earth faults are eliminated. E.g. electric motor, compressor, cooling plants, automatic washing machines, and to uphold IT or TN-S systems. Custom designed types with other voltages , frequencies, electrostatic shield between primary and secondary, regulations, tappings, transport wheels or other features are available upon request.


Technical Specifications
47 - 63 Hz
3 x 400 V
3 x 230 V
23 A
40 A
16 kVA
481 mm
450 mm
590 mm
122 kg
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Products in this category
Type Article No Power Secondary Current Weight IP stock
3LT6.30-400/230-23 3-010-505740 6,3 kVA 15,8 A 63 kg IP23
3LT10.0-400/230-23 3-010-505752 10 kVA 25 A 66 kg IP23
3LT16.0-400/230-23 3-010-505760 16 kVA 40 A 122 kg IP23
3LT20.0-400/230-23 3-010-505765 20 kVA 50 A 148 kg IP23
3LT25.0-400/230-23 3-010-505770 25 kVA 62 A 170 kg IP23
3LT30.0-400/230-23 3-010-505780 30 kVA 75 A 212 kg IP23
3LT12.5-400/230-23 3-040-602400 12,5 kVA 32 A 96 kg IP23