DC-power supplies

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Single-phase DC power supply with built in RC filter, 12VDC max. 5% ripple. Designed and tested according to norm EN61558-2-6. Variable secondary output by using the 220, 230 or 240 Volt primary terminals. RC-C models are equipped with several finesses ensuring safe operation and a minimum of maintenance. The power supplies have separate windings, built-in protection against unusually high operation temperature, secondary fuse, diode indication for error free operation and a double set of output terminals. Some models can be supplied with fittings for 35mm DIN track mounting. Power supply for PLC, electronic control cards and other electronics requiring DC voltage with max. 5% residual ripple. 230 Volt system voltage.


Technical Specifications
47 - 63 Hz
220 - 230- 240 V +/-6%
12 VDC
2,5 A
30 W
65 mm
110 mm
100 mm
1,2 kg
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Products in this category
Type Article No Power Secondary Current Weight IP stock
12RC30C 6-192-600330 30 W 2,5 A 1,2 kg IP00
12RC60C 6-192-600310 60 W 5,0 A 3,0 kg IP00
12RC120C 6-192-600320 120 W 10,0 A 3,3 kg IP00
12RC180C 6-192-600335 180 W 15,0 A 6,5 kg IP00
12RC240C 6-192-600325 240 W 20,0 A 9,3 kg IP00